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The Regatta of Ancient Maritime Republic
Regata delle antiche Repubbliche Marinare

The Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics is held in the waters of the Arno every four years. The first official edition was in 1956 in Pisa and re-evokes the glorious past of the ancient Republics, taking place in turn on the sea (Amalfi and Genoa), on the river (Pisa) and on the lagoon (Venice). It is preceded by a rich procession of figures (320) in historical costumes, who repropose famous episodes in the history of the four cities. Thus Amalfi presents the nuptial procession of the Duchess Patricissa Maria and Duke Giovanni II; Genoa proposes the historical figure of the Crusader condottiere Guglielmo Embriaco Testa di Maglio); Pisa brings the legendary figure of Kinzica de’ Sismondi on horseback; Venice brings back to life the visit to the city of the queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro. The regatta itself is rowed against the current over a distance of 1800-2000 metres and is reserved to boats in fiberglass plastic which are distinguished by the colors and figureheads of the Republics: Amalfi (blue with a winged horse); Genoa (white with a griffon); Pisa (scarlet with an eagle); Venice (green with a lion).

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