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Archive Archiepiscopal of Pisa

Square Archbishopric
Tel 050-565518
Fax 050-550600

The archive has been recovered in November 2001. Don is the controller of Nieri.
The archive archbishop of Pisa is one of the most important in Italy and has over 1,300 years of life, since his oldest document dates from the year 720 when Pisa and Tuscany were under the Lombards. Despite the destruction and removal perpetrated over the centuries, the store still maintains over 5000 scrolls with documents of various kinds, private deeds, diplomas imperial and papal bulls that have been made ​​available to scholars and journalists. In addition, the store has collected a few hundred records and documents relating to the history of the Church and of society Pisa against the Pope and the rest of Italy, with particular reference to Corsica and Sardinia.

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