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Events in Pisa

A city of great historical traditions with a rich cultural heritage, the expression of a past animated by an authentically felt and experienced popular partecipation, Pisa offers its best during the Giugno Pisano, which for decades has been consecrated to "Pisanitą". June is the month of the feasts of the patron saints, historical celebrations and pageantry. The fame of some of these events has gone beyond the limits of the province and they are known throughout Italy and even abroad. Some of the minor events which take place in various parts of the city and are not limited to June include the Palio della Balestra (Crossbow Competition) and the Trophy of the Sbandieratori (Flagwavers).

The main attractions of the Giugno Pisano are:

Luminara di S. Ranieri (Candlelight Festivities) Il Gioco del Ponte (Game of the Bridge)
Historical Regatta of Saint Ranieri The Regatta of the Ancient Maritime Republics

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